Reasons to Choose Lucky Dips in Lottery

In lottery the term known as lucky dip is used all the time. This term means that the ticket is picked by the RNG of the machine for the bettor. The machine has its own software that will select the number for the player.

The chances of winning for the grand prize in lottery using a lucky dip are similar to the chance when you are choosing your own numbers. There however more advantages when you use a Lucky Dip. These are the following:

1.The initial advantage is that the numbers chosen by the machine is really very random. Other participants usually use their birthdays which may include cold numbers. There are birthdays in the family which is near with the other family member's birthday which is not really random. Others choose hot numbers which have been drawn a lot in the past. The Lucky Dip relies only on the machine. This means that if you win the major prize there will be a lesser chance that you will share it with two or more people.

2.There are players who like spending their time analyzing the numbers with statistical formulas to really make their chosen numbers random. The machine can easily do this for you without having to waste time doing the hard work. You can spend more time with your family or with your work. Going through so much trouble can even cause you the stress. You should enjoy lottery as a game.

3.People who want to enter with their own numbers usually have to do it for a longer time because they have to make sure they have the right numbers on their slip. Sometimes participants for the lucky dip will just line up directly without having to write on the slip first. It is easier and faster. Those who purchased tickets online do the process even quicker.

4.Purchasing a Lucky Dip will also avoid you from becoming overly superstitious about keeping just one set of numbers all the time. There were people who have won millions by keeping one set of numbers constantly however the number of Lucky Dip winners are increasing by far.

Whether you choose the Lucky Dip or not winning the lottery is still hard. Lucky Dip is just another option to have a good random of numbers for you. Lucky Dip gives players the chance to help them pick numbers without thinking or analyzing a lot.


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